Monday, August 18, 2008

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2008

This summer went to New York and was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant! I have never been to that part of the country and I loved it! I applied for the pageant last october, not really thinking I would get in. I was so surprised when I got the acceptance letter. So was my family. Sarah laughed and asked if I even sang, danced or acted. I do none of the above. haha! I really did not even know what the pageant was like. I thought it was a singing thing, boy was i wrong!! It is all acting, and dancing. For those who don't know it is a pageant in Palmyra, NY about the Book of Mormon. There are 700 people in the cast, and over 200 staff member. Everything was done on the hill. I was not in air conditioning for two weeks!!! That was a trial in and of it self! haha, new york is so humid and there are a LOT of bugs! 
I was casted as an Alma convert. Basically i sat on the stage and listened to Alma preach for about three minutes and then ran off stage. I was a HUGE part!! This is a picture of my costume , i had to wear this heinous wig!! sadly people thought it was my real hair! 
I met people from all over the country and the world. I made the best friends, and learned so much about life. Some of the members of the case who I got to know well taught me a lot, and helped me realize how I want to live my life. As i talked with people I just kept thinking how blessed I am. My problems and trials feel like nothing compared to some of the things these people have gone through. It was a wonderful experience. Every night we got to go out and talk with people in the audience. Some were members and some were not. I met George Straight's accountant, the gossip columist for the Palmyra newspaper, students, youth many people!! it was seriously fabulous. I got to bear my testimony multiple times each day. 
My family came and visited one day. We went to all the church sites around town. There is the Joseph Smith Farm, Sacred Grove, Palmyra Temple, Martin Harris Farm, Peter Whitmer Farm, and the Grandry Press. All of the sites are unbelievable. The feeling and spirit at each place is incredible. There is just no way to doubt what I believe in surrounded by such great things, and all that history. I was strengthened each day as I walked where Joseph Smith walked!
All in all it was amazing, there is so much to tell, it cannot be written. But i loved it! Oh and I almost forgot one of the best things!! Guess who was on my red eye flight from Salt Lake City to New York City?? NICK LACHEY!! Can you even believe that? Well you should, although I did not get a picture he did smile and nod at me as he walked by me to his seat. I was freaking out to say the LEAST. He is even more beautiful in person!! It was a great trip!

Friday, August 15, 2008

bike rides+friends+fun=spring!!

ok ok ok so i know i am HORRIBLE at this blogging thing. i am going to do better i swear! i have decided to just do one post a day until you are all updated on my life. So first things first...i survived my first semester as a real cougar. but i am not sure it really counts cause it was only spring, which by th way is my most favorite season. there are flowers everywhere, the weather is perfect, i start to get a tan, bike rides!! what else matters? my classes were amazing. i took a drug and addictive behaviors. i cannot tell you how much i learned. lets just say i was way more naive than i ever imagined about drugs. i had to attend AA that was the most interesting experience, to say the least. i have never in my life heard such colorful language. the second class i took was effective studying and learning. i also learned so much about how to buckle down and study. 
now please don't think that all i did was study all semester, maybe a little but i am working on being not anti social! so like i said bike rides. my dad got me a bike for getting into byu, it was the best present ever!! i went on a ride at least once a day. Rachel Amanda and i would go down center street. or i would ride over to Stuart and Morgan's. days were spent and the king henry pool, which is always fabulous! i finally hiked the Y. it only took me two years to do. i am not much of a hiker but i went with my roommates and it was amazing! dint get me wrong i did not think i would make it to the top...those switchbacks are killers. but the view is worth it. we sat on top for probably an hour! haha. some of my friends and i went 80's dancing, in salt lake city. i only go once a year cause clubs are not really my scene!! surprise surprise? i think not! but it was fun and the best part was dressing up. there were rodeos to attend. i went to stawberry days with my cousin britney and friend josh. i love rodeos, they are so fun! one more highlight was my best friend Rachel's birthday. we got to go up to salt lake city, and got to the grand America hotel brunch. if you have not had the chance to go to this buffet i am telling. GO i don't care if you have to travel miles and miles it is well worth it!!!! i cannot even describe the goodness. there were also a couple parties one of  which was a 90's theme party. that is why if any of you are wondering i am wearing overalls. even though i secretly love overalls! it was all marvelous!
basically i loved my spring the was fabulous i had the best roommates and the best friends and the best activities!! i will help you with my pictures the first is rachel and i on our way to  the awesome 90's party. to the right is my bike and i, i still need a name. any suggestions? below that is my roommates and i on the top of the Y, and ready for 80's dancing. the last picture is all of your radical cowboys boots for the rodeo, we were made to be cowgirls and boys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Timer...

So i now have a blog, im not really sure how to do everything but i am sure i will get the hang of it quickly. And i do not really have anything else to say. What are people supposed to say in these things. Well i will start with this, right now i am sitting in the hall of flags for the last time as a student at uvsc (or i guess uvu now?) and i am really sad. i LOVE uvsc! I have transfered to byu, and i start on tuesday. people have been asking me if i am nervous, so to answer that question no not really just anxious. i have wanted to go to byu since i was five, and now i get to. but we will see how i feel about it after a semster. that is all i have to say for now! Have a great day!!